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Boost Your Team’s Productivity by Dropping the “Staff Augmentation” Mindset

Learn how the “staff augmentation” mindset can hold your team and project back. And why ditching this term can help everyone — employees and consultants — succeed.

The Art and Science of Reviewing Pull Requests

Code review is an important part of our consultants’ workflow. In this post, our principal engineer breaks down her process for reviewing pull requests.

Culture Fit at Cloud City: A Love Story

Many tech companies have similar approaches to hiring. But Cloud City is different. Read on to see what one of our newest consultants thinks about our interviewing experience.

Five minutes with Dylan Baker

Dylan Baker has helped clients ranging from the NBA to Dale Carnegie engage their audience and improve their user experience.

Five minutes with Manda Miller

A design pro with more than 20 years of experience, Manda Miller helps companies of all sizes express themselves in print and online. She also has mad karaoke skills.