Testing Rails Applications

Testing Rails can be challenging. Handy roadmap shows it's possible to have well-tested code & an enjoyable workflow.

Feel like you're testing too much? Like you're a bad developer if you don't TDD? Fear not! I overview what parts of your Rails apps to test and offer an easy-to-digest PDF cheatsheet!

How to Include People in Tech

Want to improve diversity in tech? We need to start with including everyone.

In this post, the second post in a series of two posts based on the presentation I gave at Ruby on Ales 2016 called “Including People” (watch).

Earlier, I talked about why including people is important. This post covers five things that you can do to include people in projects, teams, and communities.

Creating a World Class Website for Nation’s Largest LGBT Event

A website honoring 46 years fighting for LGBT visibility, dignity, and equality that supports the millions of people who attend the SF Pride Celebration

We built that! Using core-model methodology, responsive web design, and agile development, we collaborated with SF Pride to launch an easy-to-update site in time for its 2016 event.

Including People: Why It Matters

At Cloud City Development, we care a lot about people—treating them humanely, helping them accomplish their goals, and working together to make the field of tech and the world a better place.

“Diversity” has gotten a lot of press lately, both in tech in general and in the Ruby community in particular. It’s a really important topic we’ve been ignoring it for a long time. So, over the past few years, I’ve put a lot of time and energy into learning about the reasons that tech as a field is not diverse.

How to Fix Angular.js App Loading Annoyances

Not everyone has screaming fast Internet. But slow mobile connections don't have to spell doom for Angular.js app loads.

Two common annoyances -- an empty view and an API data delay -- can be avoided. Learn how to make initial page loads for your Angular on Rails apps as responsive as server-generated pages.
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