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Personalized Medicine Is No Longer A Dream

I learned about my mutated gene when I was 25—a susceptibility protein that puts me at major risk of developing cancer before the age of 40. It can be quite terrifying to live with the knowledge that there is a ticking time bomb hiding within

Accelerating Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Worldwide Covid-19 responses illuminate the varying capacities of countries to prepare and react to major public health events. Cloud City is part of the effort to create tools that can help all countries succeed.

Ruby in 55 Seconds - Creating a New Bundle Gem

Learn everything about Ruby, all in under a minute. In this episode of Ruby55 we cover the fastest way to create a new RubyGem, using Bundler’s gem command

Simulating Public Health & Social Measures to Empower Policies for COVID-19

Covid-19 is one of the most disruptive global events to happen in our lifetime. Though there is still much to learn about the virus, public health leaders and policymakers must make strategic, rapid, and thoughtful decisions based on evidence and science. Working with, we built an accessible tool to help inform both decision makers and the public at large.

Leveraging Stretch Layout with Constraints

Learn everything about Figma updates and plugins, all in under a minute. In this episode of Figma55 we cover the Figma's secretive way to stretch content based on stretch layout grids