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Down to a science

For four years, the Public Library of Science enlisted Cloud City to help with design, user testing, architecture, development, devops, and more.

blind me with your science

Our senior talent excels at joining your team, delivering elegant code, and seamlessly handing off to you for rapid iteration.

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Case Study: iOS, IoT, App UX, and Design


Lully is an iOS app that records and analyzes a child’s sleep patterns. It connects to the Sleep Guardian device to retrain healthy sleep and to stop night terrors.

We started our design with real parents whose children suffered from night terrors. With real input from parents, we provided proven user flows and worked with the Lully team to deliver a strong first product for launch.

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Multiversion Testing With Tox

Humans are tool using creatures. When we want to drive in a nail, we use a hammer. When we want to dig a small hole, we use a shovel. When we want to connect something into a power outlet, we use a plug. Since there’s only one kind of hammer,...

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