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Collaborative Design and Development Gets System Design Right the First Time

Intelligent sensing for HVAC handles sensitive homeowner data and heavy service manager loads reliably and securely. When UI/UX sees the whole system and translates it back to the engineering model, everyone wins.

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Our senior talent excels at joining your team, delivering elegant code, and seamlessly handing off to you for rapid iteration.

“Cloud City’s help getting our apps off the ground gave us breathing room to build a kick-ass team and product, which eventually led to us being acquired.”

Kevin Fitzpatrick, Director of Application Engineering, Timeline Labs (acquired by SeaChange)

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"Having many IoT devices pinging not only each other, but also sending data securely to service managers, technicians and homeowners is quite a challenge.

Building fully integrated systems like these that will not only work reliably and securely, but can also scale to very large numbers of installations is also not trivial by any means

When faced with engineering and design problems of this nature, with ever-changing screen dimensions, sensitive homeowner data, and heavy service manager loads, it is most reassuring to have a team with programming and design pattern expertise working right along with you.

Cloud City's staff is highly professional, experienced, cooperative, works hard, and delivers high quality output. They are also a lot of fun to work with. We just went through a third-party security audit for due diligence with them, which entailed a lot of detailed analysis. Thankfully, Cloud City had anticipated just about all of the issues that would have otherwise caused us a lot of remedial work."

—Jan-Dieter Spalink, CEO, Truveon Corporation

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Cloud City is now a Certified B Corporation

We were founded on the belief that wholehearted software design and development can better the world. Since 2003, Cloud City has been working alongside our clients to shape a better world through knowledge. Becoming a B Corp is one more way we can inspire other organizations to not just be best in the world, but to be the best for the world.

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