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master craftspeople. Use our senior staff to multiply the effectiveness of your existing team. You can't hire a 10x developer, because they don't exist — but we can make five developers twice as effective.


We're experts in user experience, lean design, agile software development, and product delivery. We always get our work done in an elegant, clean, and efficient manner.

Our designers are passionate about engaging, usable interfaces and excellent client service. We specialize in user experience and information architecture, web and mobile app design, video and animation, editing and copywriting, and more.

Our engineers are confident about building software both on and off the web, with expertise in front-end technologies and native mobile interfaces. We take pride in writing quality code that is easy to read and update after the project is complete.

"We wanted to work with a team who really knew the current state of the web and had experience building both an API and amazing websites. Cloud City Development delivered on both accounts.

Working with their team was a great experience for our developers, as they were easy to work with, and they helped us identify what was needed most at the time, and how to best plan for future development needs. Our specs were sometimes a bit fuzzy and changing, and they also worked very well with that.

We were very happy with the outcome. I’d highly recommend them."

—Daniel Ford, VP of Engineering, Matterport

Board of Advisors

At Cloud City, our clients can get a free hour of expert consulting from proven product wizards who help you think more clearly about your product and market goals.

Tim O'Conner

Education Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO

Gayle Karen Young

Talent and Culture

Rand Fitzpatrick


Teresa Torres

Behavioral & Cognitive Science

Teresa coaches founders, business leaders, product managers, and UX teams on user-centered, hypothesis-driven, iterative product development. She hosts workshops, works as a coach, and conducts research for her clients.

Michael Staton

Venture Capital

Proud mentors of