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André Arko

Staff Developer

André Arko

André has 20 years of software experience, focusing on frontend development, backend development, site reliability and developer tools.

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Hi! I'm a staff software engineer who has been building web applications since 2003.

My particular focus is on frontend development, backend development, site reliability aka infrastructure, and developer tools.

I’ve built single-page apps in JavaScript since before they had a name, built RESTful web applications with Ruby on Rails since version 0.9, maintained the servers for applications handling many thousands of dynamic requests per second, and written command-line tools used on a daily basis by millions of developers.

In the Ruby world, I’m best known as the lead developer of the Ruby dependency manager, Bundler, as well as the founder of Ruby Together, the trade association for developers and companies that use Ruby. I’ve given dozens of talks at conferences around the world, and I co-authored The Ruby Way, 3rd. Ed., published by Addison-Wesley.

My strongest specialties are knowing at least a little bit about everything, and being able to rapidly convert business needs into a development plan. I’m great at joining existing teams and acting as a force multiplier.

I’m highly experienced as a mentor, advisor, architect, and developer, but my greatest value is in making everyone around me more productive. I’m obsessed with reducing developer friction and making every team able to spend time doing their work, instead of fighting with their tools.

No matter what software you need to build, chances are good that I’ll be able to give you specific examples of the tradeoffs to keep in mind, and help your company choose the options that will make you the most successful.

If you think I’d make a good addition to your team, or you have a project that could use my skills, get in touch.

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