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A comic portraying the dangers of gaslighting

Gaslighting is just one type of microaggression.

Microaggressions appear to be small slights, but substantially contribute to a hostile work environment. From the outside, they look innocuous enough; more like clumsy misunderstandings, but a persistent pattern of them can wield tremendous damage to teams.

A pattern of microaggressions directed at a team member results in impeded productivity, undermined confidence, and a sense of not belonging.

Workplace bullying and unfairness have been cited as the primary reason that women, PoC, and LGBT individuals leave the tech industry; people from these groups leave at such a high rate that the attrition costs a total of 16 billion dollars per year. It works against inclusion and diversity goals on teams.

Alfie, Cloud City Development Senior Developer, is a builder with one goal in mind: value. A serial entrepreneur, he's been developing Ruby applications to streamline business processes for almost a decade. He's proficient with Ruby, Rails, AngularJS, but just as likely to be found playing with iOS, React JS, or Node.js--whatever's best to deliver for clients. Alfie will effortlessly match your step, becoming your right hand, and fully throw himself into delivering a product that grows your business. He’s comfortable taking broadly set goals and making them a reality. Alfie enjoys pushing the limits, fine-tuning gear and honing skills to go faster whether on the racetrack, the field, or the slopes. Alfie's an avid car racer, snowboarder, mountain biker, and indoor soccer player.

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