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Start a Murmuration

The TEA Society is a secret cabal where we support, challenge, and engage one another as we journey towards a more fair and humane working culture. Our membership gets access to our tools, our collective drive and most importantly the structure we use to help our society thrive.

Why a Murmuration?

Our mascot for the society is a starling. Starlings, being highly social birds, create massive flocks called murmurations which can also consist of different types of starlings and different families of birds too. This is our goal, celebrate individuality while becoming something greater together, a harmonious individuality and driving change for a better and diverse world.

Who is the society?

This work, with the guidance of a TEA facilitator, slowly but surely starts to form our spaces into a better workplace and world. Those of us in the society believe in this change. This appreciation of the individual while also creating a society that listens and celebrates them. Those that want this are everywhere, just look for the starling.

Why TEA times?

To make this happen we find that constructive conversations are important. Though we do often enjoy a spot of tea, TEA stands for Trust, Engagement, and Acceptance, which is at the core of our TEA times. As a group we share our experiences and hear from others.