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Transforming a billing system for IPO-preparedness

Fastly is a cloud platform that helps businesses run their websites and applications faster — a necessary service in the age of content and rapid communication.

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  • Data Migration

The Challenge

Outgrowing a homegrown billing system

To prepare to launch their IPO, Fastly had to get their internal systems and processes in order for presentation to potential investors. Their homegrown billing system didn’t present data clearly to outside users, requiring more scalability and efficiency.

Fastly turned to Cloud City for senior engineering expertise in coding and insight into how to run this business-critical internal project.

The Solution

A new billing system & an updated approach

Fastly needed an entirely new approach to transform their billing system internally. Cloud City’s Gabriel Williams integrated seamlessly into Fastly’s team, serving as both the lead developer and senior leader of the project team.

To develop a new project management methodology, Cloud City helped form an executive committee, including the CFO, to determine priorities and resource availability required to make the project a success.

Cloud City helped Fastly build a new billing system to meet the updated requirements and devised a process to port the existing data safely, securely, and efficiently. This process accounted for the highly sensitive nature of the data being transferred, keeping information secure during the critical process of migration.

The system integrated cleanly with Fastly’s CRM to reduce administrative labor and mitigate mistakes — designed to scale with potentially millions of new customers.

The Outcome

Next Stop: NYSE!

Cloud City delivered on their promise, developing a new billing system that enabled Fastly to meet a variety of financial audit hurdles on their way to taking the company public. The system now presents metrics in a clear, standardized way that will be understandable to outsiders, providing leverage with potential investors and preparing Fastly to scale in the future.

By establishing processes for communicating with executives, Cloud City ultimately helped Fastly create a healthy approach to internal processes — and a system that would help their stellar service succeed in the long-term.

Partner with Cloud City

Internal projects can be far more complicated than anticipated, even for software companies. By bringing Cloud City into the picture, Fastly completed a critical project and benefited from the partnership. Cloud City is a human-centered, empathetic software development team that was invested in Fastly’s long-term health.

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