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Liss McCabe

Senior Developer

Liss McCabe

Liss McCabe, swashbuckling code archaeologist and Ops Magical Girl, lends her expertise as a Senior Developer for Cloud City Development.

Work with Liss

Liss pushed the limits of Rails for New Relic, helping other developers navigate pitfalls and extend the platform’s reliability for their client’s critical work.

Unearthing traps and building domain knowledge to keep codebases running cemented her position as the Lara Croft of Rails.

In her work as a developer for Quick Left, Collective Bias, and Acumen Brands she has maintained and operated business-critical product responsible for 90% of revenue, shipped a major user account creation feature to automate an oversight-intensive process, and delivered a maintainable SMS Rails app for a charity project.

As a speaker at Open Source Bridge 2017, she advocated the use of empathy as a code analysis tool to identify communication bottlenecks.

Liss is team-focused, and experienced with remote collaboration and pairing. She is also an amazing baker.

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Work with Liss