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Kevin Fitzpatrick

Senior Engineer

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Kevin Fitzpatrick builds software, teams, and reasonable processes.

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Kevin works with Cloud City's clients to produce web and mobile apps using React, React Native, Rails and Node.

Along the way, he provides technical and process coaching for project and team success as well as setting up development tools to keep things moving smoothly.

As the Director of Application Engineering at Timeline Labs, Kevin assembled an in-house full stack web development team while simultaneously producing prototypes, creating new products, and tightening infrastructure. Their focus on producing quality software in a sustainable way (with no crazy crunch times, no long nights, and lots of room for creativity and play) proved effective, and they were acquired by SeaChange in 2015.

He built a team to bring InfluxDB to the cloud, managed projects and accounts at Pivotal Labs, and made other developers and their business partners smile at Twilio. In the halcyon days of his youth, Kevin did punk rawk agile development inside a corporate behemoth … and he brought the awesome every day.

All reports indicate that he continues to bring the daily awesome.

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