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Gregory Tomei

Senior Engineer

Gregory Tomei

Gregory likes building stuff — everything from APIs, data processing pipelines, web apps, and products to teams and their culture.

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Gregory loves to find creative solutions to challenges, having earned a reputation for being resourceful, scrappy, and able to do a lot with a little.

Carrying over from his early days studying journalism, Gregory sees his role as a software developer as a passport that allows him to contribute to projects in many spaces and sectors, like a cultural ambassador for technology.

With over 20 years of professional experience under his belt, Gregory has contributed to a diverse array of projects across many disciplines. In only three months, he built Blurb’s product by replacing their PHP-based prototype with Ruby and Rails. When BeatsMusic was acquired by Apple in 2014, he used startup tools (Ruby, Rails, Sinatra) to attain high productivity within a large enterprise. He has been in roles of team leadership at True and Apple, acted as a hiring manager, all while continuing to write code and actively collaborate on writing software.

Mashing keys on an Apple IIe in the basement while playing Oregon Trail, Gregory’s passion for computers took him from repeatedly disassembling and reassembling used PCs to teaching himself JavaScript, PHP, and web development. Since the early days of dial-up modems and text-only forums, he always saw the internet’s potential to be a communications tool for empowerment and justice.

In addition to his interests in hiking, cycling, scuba diving, generative music, writing, and making his coffee by hand, Gregory is an experienced practitioner of mediation, mindfulness, and nonviolent communication techniques. He appreciates their practical applicability toward continuous improvement.

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