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Dylan Baker

Senior Engineer

Dylan Baker

Dylan has helped clients ranging from the NBA to Dale Carnegie engage their audience, improve their user experience and streamline their internal operations.

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Five minutes with Dylan Baker

When working with clients, Dylan Baker knows one size does not fit all.

That’s why he takes a multi-prong approach to consulting. Whether it’s finding bugs in the dark corners of giant codebases or discovering new connections that improve internal efficiencies, Dylan enjoys the challenge — and eventual payoff — of helping a client achieve their goals.

This approach has enabled him to work with a diverse range of clients, including Dale Carnegie and the NBA. (Ask him about the time he saw one of his fantasy sports apps advertised on national TV.)

Dylan loves the complexity of programming and feels stagnant if he’s not learning something new. You’ll often find him on GitHub, Slack and other forums, listening to the chatter of what other folks are working on. To keep his skills fresh, he also enjoys trying to develop solutions that help automate or streamline tasks for his clients — or building new tools just for fun.

On the weekends, Dylan enjoys camping with his fiancé, Liz, and German shepherd, Petra. You can also find him in his basement studio, playing guitar and experimenting with his piano and drum kit.

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