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Extreme Programming Explained—Bridge the Business-Technology Divide

Business people and technology people are different. They use different language, think differently and worry about different concerns. Both sides of this divide are doing the best they can, but the old project management paradigm isn’t appropriate for software development. Agile methodologies address the very root of all the problems, shortening the feedback cycle to expose mistakes and misunderstandings quickly, when they are cheap to fix.

Using GitHub Issues as a Data Source

On a recent MVP, we needed a way for a client to maintain some simple information about several sponsors, like a name, an image, and a url. The client didn’t want to commit to a backend server this early in the game, so we needed a cheap but effective solution to store this data.

Product Development Methodologies

Nearly every business and software development methodology has value when applied to the right type of project and with the right amount of discipline. The amount of value realized depends on many things including the problem domain, the project participants' skill and discipline and the availability of the customer to address issues when discovered. Question: What’s the best methodology? Answer: It depends.