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Time is valuable. I’m not going to waste your time. I won’t even take a minute of it! With Figma 55 you can learn all about Figma’s hidden gems and plugins, in 55 seconds flat.

In this third episode of Figma55, I cover Figma’s Auto Layout tool. Auto Layout is an incredibly useful feature which enhances your ability to focus on designing component-based designs. But what if you don’t have those picture-perfect seamless card designs that most tutorials cover? Have no fear, you could use Auto Layout for just about anything, including tables!

Tool featured:
Auto Layout

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Brendan, Cloud City Development Interface Designer, brings apps to life before coding has even begun. He uses his background of illustration and animation to deliver delightful app assets and flows. He works closely with developers and dives into HTML, CSS, and Git without hesitation. Got a question about a current trend? Brendan’s on top of it and enjoys putting new tools through their paces. Brendan is an avid hockey fan, who religiously cheers on the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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